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- "To learn and speak in English one must take a complete course - Google is only an Assistant not Your Trainer"

The Philosophy

Communication has been there since ages in one form or the other. It is that vehicle that makes the world move. In today’s globally networked world, English Communication Skills play a crucial role for almost all people. Mostly sought by students and professionals to go up their ladders of success, the study of Communication Skills has come to stay. English Voice is a web-portal dedicated to the teaching and learning of the English Language through sophisticated and digitalized means.
Corporate India is progressing in leaps and bounds and this growth promises jobs to the youth. English is the language of the Corporate world and it is very important to learn and hone one’s skills to contribute meaningfully to one’s organization. English Voice believes in extending its ‘Cognizance’ to empower youth especially and anyone who wishes to acquire the nuances of the English language. Thus, English Voice establishes ‘Connectivity’ with the national and global needs that finally culminates in ‘Creating’ better opportunities through ‘cognizance’ for the self and the society as a whole.

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Why We Learn From EnglishVoice

English is not only the international language of communication but also the most common second language in the world. It is also the language of the internet. Many national and international companies conduct their meetings and seminars in English. Most of the universities teach their courses in English. It is also the most common language among tourists around the world. Tourists around the world. Thus, most of the world is tied to English for its endeavors, it is proven that proficiency in the English language will help people in their respective professions and also in their travels across the world both; physically and virtually. To sum up- The study of English is important for the following reasons:

Our Aim

To empower the learning and earning communities with the required Communication Skills to help them grow in their respective sectors.

A Course on Improving English Speaking Skills

If you to wish to improve your basic English -speaking skills, then this is the course crafted just for you. EnglishVoice helps you to speak English confidently by overcoming the barriers in communication. English is the global language and proper knowledge of the subject will give take you a step further in achieving your goals. To take that first step towards enhancing your English -speaking skills, it is important for you to understand the basics.
Improving English Speaking Skills
Listening Skills for Effective Communication

Listening Skills for Effective Communication

The act of listening plays a crucial role in oral communication. It is often said that only good listeners can become effective speakers. Be it the social or the professional front, it is very important to be good listeners in conversations. Developing listening skills makes one gain confidence and balance.

Phonetics for Spoken English

The course has been designed for students especially non-native speakers with basic knowledge of English and who wish to refine their conversational skills.
Communicate in English -With Skill-You Will!

Communicate in English -With Skill-You Will!

In the growing global world, the key for success lies in communication. You possess many skills and are confident but when you have to present yourself, you may become diffident and fumble. EnglishVoice is that one-stop-destination that can empower you by imparting the required communication skills.

Our Vision

Our purpose fueled by our passion is to transform lives by bridging the gaps in communication in personal, academic and the professional domains. Our aim is to empower the learning and earning communities with the required Communication Skills to help them grow in their respective sectors.

Our Mission

EnglishVoice functions under the aegis of Indgiants Private. Limited; an Indian firm providing integrated franchise solutions throughout India through its ‘Youth Empowerment Drive’. EnglishVoice is an e-learning platform that focuses on the teaching and learning of the English language according to the needs and demands of the learners. It caters its service to students all around the world, thus helping them gain knowledge for targeted applications. The platform rests on the three Cs namely; ‘Cognizance’, ‘Connectivity’ and ‘Creativity’. These are the core values respected by us and appreciated by our customers; universal values that make us better human beings. EnglishVoice believes in achieving a seamless world in terms of contributing knowledge to all who seek it to achieve their aspirations. EnglishVoice is here to empower expressions!
Our Mission

About Us

Connectivity, cognizance and creativity are the principles on which EnglishVoice rests. It is an e-learning platform dedicated to knowledge sharing that makes the world a better place to live. The platform has been set up for teaching and learning English. It is powered by Indgiants and aims at creating umpteen opportunities for learners around the world to learn from passionate teachers to excel in their academic and professional domains.
About Us

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